Wrapsol Ultra Drop iPhone 4 Screen Protector

Want to wrap your iPhone 4 with something economical yet contains a lot of cool features in it? Let me introduce to you the Wrapsol Ultra Drop iPhone 4 Screen Protector which will definitely amaze you with its qualities to offer.

Wrapsol Ultra Drop iPhone 4 Screen Protector

Kicking off to the good side of this cover, it can secure the device from any grazes and minimizes the damage it may get once it encounters an accidental mishap like drops and bumps. Aside from that, it has an anti glare attribute which enhances the lucidity of the gadget’s display. The film also does not affect the sensitivity of the device because of its very thin and smooth finished. It is also durable and very easy to install, you do not need for any adhesive substance to put in the LCD to attach it.

Because of high grade materials used on this screen protector, it also resists finger prints and smears so you will not have to worry about always bringing your wipes or cleaning materials every time you use and access your device. It also slows down the wear and tear process of the gadget making it more usable for a much longer period of time than you expected it to be.The cuts and corners are accurately made to fit the iPhone 4’s screen.

The Wrapsol iPhone 4 screen protector shield includes the following in its package: custom cut clear film, microfiber towelette, squegee and an instruction manual. This superb and efficient product is available for $ 15.88 online or you can get a discount on Amazon for only $ 10.79.


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