Splash Masque iPhone 4 Screen Protector Film Clear

Is it possible for a screen protector to effectively protect your iPhone 4 LCD screen against scratches, scrapes, and smudges? If you will be asking Stone Cold Steve Austin, then he would give you a big “hell yeah”. As doubtful as it sounds, it has been proven that using this thin protection could save you from future headaches. It may not look like the iPhone 4’s knight in shining armor but it is a necessity, a must for all iPhone owners.

Splash Masque iPhone 4 Screen Protector Film Clear

Splash Masque Screen Protector Film; considered the most stylish, one of the most economical, and convenient way to protect the screen of your beloved gadget. It is made from the best quality 3-layer PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film, used for its high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, and reflectivity. This material guarantees that your iPhone 4 screen protector will protect your screen against scratches and other forms of minor scrapes. The protector film does not work like a bullet proof vest, therefore care and caution should be implemented at all times. To get a complete protection, using this with an iPhone case would be the best option.

Compared to other iPhone screen protectors, it easy to install and uninstall. It is even reusable, just remove it when it becomes dirty, clean it carefully, and reinstall it afterwards. The screen film ensures that bubbles will not appear when applied. It is not too thin, as the dirt may find its way inside the screen; it is not too thick, as it may lose the touch screen ability of the iPhone. Some claims that it is difficult to notice the iPhone 4 screen protector, maybe that is why Splash calls it the “Invisible” film screen protection.

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Splash Masque iPhone 4 Screen Protector Film Clear
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Anti Glare is also Finger Print Resistant, Scratch Free, and UV Resistant


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