Kioky iPhone 4 Screen Protectors

Kioky, a New Jersey based company, will release by mid-January the 1st perfect fit iPhone 4 screen protector which is thin and clear yet protects your iPhone from unwanted smears without adding any bulk.

Kioky iPhone 4 Screen Protector

The perfect fit applicator device comes with the product which allows the user to easily center the film for accurate fit on the phone. If you love design, innovation and style then Kioky iPhone screen protectors will fit the bill.

Everyone hates when a screen protector is not centered or the application has some bubbles. With Kioky, you can install their screen cover in seconds thanks to the first and only patent pending “perfect fit technology”.
Kioky iPhone screen protectors come in 4 different options: Clear, Matte, Privacy and Mirror.

Clear: As the name implies, it provides crystal clear protection for your iPhone. No more smudges and smears which allows you to see the screen clearly.

Matte: If you want to reduce glare and lets you use your phone on every angle, then this type is best suited for you. It also minimizes fingerprints and scratches.

Privacy: Most often than not, you want to keep your phone’s screen to yourself and away from the prying eyes of strangers. This is where the privacy screen protector comes in. It will guard you from the on-lookers and it will make your privacy its number 1 priority.

Mirror: If you are a little vain and does not want to carry a mirror on your purse or bag, then this iPhone 4 screen protector will turn your phone into an instant handheld mirror. It protects your device from dirt and dust as well.

You can buy Kioky iPhone 4 screen protectors on Amazon.


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