Clarivue iPhone 4 Screen Protectors

Clarivue manufactures top of the line iPhone screen protectors. They are dedicated in providing a vast selection of screen protector that includes all the hottest and latest gadgets like the iPhone 4.

Clarivue iPhone 4 Screen Protectors

Clarivue iPhone 4 screen protector gives an exact fit to your device. It does not only cover the screen area of your device but it shields all the flat surface of your phone. They have a huge selection for devices ranging from phones, cameras and MP3 players.

On top of its most popular product (clear screen protector), they also offer anti-glare, mirror and privacy screen guards. If they do not have the screen protector you need, they can provide customized ones made just for you. Also, with their screen cover, it is very easy to install unlike its counterparts. Just position the film in place and it adheres through static. Just make sure you have cleaned the surface and bubbles, if any, will fade in less than 48 hours.

Its coating has an exceptional scratch-resistant finish that protects your screen from the daily wear and tear. The screen protector is created from optical graded PET film which improves color and offers a clear view. It has a superior and brighter transmittance compared to the average grade PET film.

Clarivue makes sure that their product does not leave any residue when taken off. It uses static (not glue) to stay in place on the screen. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

You can buy Clarivue iPhone 4 screen protectors on their official website and choose from anti-glare, mirror, privacy or clear type with prices ranging from $12.99 to $15.99!



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